How to Get Royalty Free Music for Your Videos

Are you creating a slide show video with your photos and wanting some great music to go with it? You’ll want to make sure you’re not breaking any copyright by using songs illegally.

Make sure you’re not doing anything illegal and use royalty free music. Using music you don’t have permission to use could get your video thrown off of many social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube, and could land you in legal trouble.

Why Add Music to Your Videos?

Simply put, music can make viewers feel more while watching your video. Imagine watching one of your favorite movies like Star Wars or Indiana Jones without the soundtrack.

If you’re still not convinced yet about the power of music, especially when paired with visuals, watch the documentary Score. It’s fantastic.

Royalty Free Music For Videos

Some video editing platforms already come with small libraries of royalty free music and/or sound effects. For example, both iMovie and Final Cut Pro come with some jingles and sound effects, but they get old quickly. Splice offers some good tracks you can use for free. And I think Animoto and Magisto both offer music.

For more options, have a look at 10 Royalty-Free Music Sites Every Online Creator Should Know.

Music For Video Slideshows

If your a photographer and want to create a video montage of your pictures, selecting the right track for your project is important.

Click here to learn more about the software I use to create video slideshows.

What’s your favorite place to find music for your videos? Please share in the comments below.


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