Splice Video Editor App Review

If you’re looking for an amazing iPhone video editing app, look no further than Splice by GoPro. At first I was put off from downloading this app because it’s made by GoPro.

It’s not that I don’t like the company, I just don’t own a GoPro (at least not yet), and I don’t think of them as an app-making company. Even still, LifeHacker awarded the Splice app ‘Best Video Editing App for iPhone’ in 2015.

So I decided to briefly abandon my laptop and Final Cut Pro X video editor, to put Splice and my iPhone 7 to the test. Is it possible to shoot and edit an entire video on it? How difficult would it be?

This is a 59 second video of a trip I took to Kuala Lumpur shot and edited entirely with my phone and Splice app. I also used a DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal to steady out some of the footage. Here’s the good and bad about GoPro’s video editing app:

Splice App Pros

  • It’s FREE. Yes, still can’t believe it.
  • It’s simple to use. You can be editing videos within minutes. No need to read directions.
  • The app has an extensive audio library you can use for free. This is huge. It has tons of royalty free music from different genres like reggae, hip hop, dance & electronic, pop, and more. You can also add sound effects and narration.
  • There are a few different transitions to choose from.
  • You can upload directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • It’s not just for video. You can import your still images too.
  • Works with both iPhone and iPad.

Splice App Cons

  • At the moment, the app is not available for Android.
  • Some say it crashes often. It has always worked for me.
  • One reviewer said the music is under copyright. So if you upload to YouTube you’ll get a third party notification and can’t monetize. I did not have that problem with my video above.

Splice Customer Reviews

Don’t take my word for it though. About 90% of the reviews are 5-star. Here are a few…

“Awesome a dawg” says: Absolutely hands down one of the most rewarding features is that it lets you save 1080p videos without any annoying watermarks or self promotion (you can turn off their logo at the end of the video or keep it). The only thing I would say is MORE MORE MORE. More transitions, more music, more sound effects would be nice, but I haven’t run into a situation where I was absolutely in need of something else. Everything they have suffices just as well, but that is the only thing I would suggest.

“Underwater Editor” says: I’ve used several video editors in my life but this one is the very easiest I’ve ever used. Within a few minutes I had pictures inserted and a simple movie created – with music!

Either way you have nothing to lose because the app is free. Also, although the app is simple to use, it definitely offers more once you learn how to use it properly.

And if you’re interested in cityscape photography in Malaysia, here’s a video I made (not with splice though) about 3 Jaw-Dropping Rooftop Viewpoints in Kuala Lumpur.

Do you edit video on your phone? What’s your favorite app? Let me know in the comments below. 

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